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Industrial automation

Since 1980, we have focused on industrial automation in the electronics and electro-mechanical sector.

Definition of Industrial automation: automation (sometimes also referred to as industrial automation) is the use of a set of technical means and procedures which, by acting on particular systems or devices specifically, ensure the automatic performance of a given process and/or the automatic operation of a plant.

Automation and Industry 4.0

Through the programming of Plc and Pc systems, the design and construction of electrical panels, plant engineering and wiring on board the machine, our work can often be considered the link between a plant and the good rules of Industry 4.0.

We can therefore claim that the key word that must go hand in hand with mechanical automation is "integration".

From automation to industrial integration

A machine is not always built from scratch according to a design project. Sometimes the intervention we are asked to perform aim at the optimization and improvement of pre-existing systems and machinery.

We have then to deal with complex systems, made up of different operating units, often designed and/or built according to different standards (and programming languages).


This is the case of  revamping. Here, our experience and specific know-how allow us to transform outdated lines and plants into high-performance optimized systems.

Remote commissioning

The advantages of our electro-mechanical automation process do not certainly stop at the design and installation phase, but continue throughout the commissioning phase, allowing fully-remote commissioning, which leads to considerable time savings and equally significant economic benefits.

In addition, another advantage to consider is the reduction of technical personnel’s movements and travel, which has been cause of delayed deliveries for some suppliers, but has not been able to produce slowdowns at C.E.B.A., thanks to the adoption of digital technologies.

It is worth underlining that industrial automation has already proved to be a valuable ally in terms of optimized management of human resources, and will certainly continue to be so in the future, encouraging the process - already underway - of remote monitoring of plant efficiency and predictive maintenance.


We have been ready for some time now - with our technology as our ally and our know-how as our right-hand man - to support you in the process of industrial transition to automation.

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