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Better customer service with project management software

In order to be always close to our customers, to respond more promptly to their requests, to optimize project times and therefore costs, we have equipped ourselves with a software designed specifically and intended to improve the quality of our offer.

The need: we wanted to achieve higher control of orders, to monitor and manage time and resources in the best way.
The solution: Briefing analyzed our workflow and prepared software that met our needs.


Easy to use

Thanks to a simple interface and an easy access through name and password, all users, in according to their permissions, can operate on the order.

You don't need a training course to understand how it works, because it is really intuitive. Even the "buttons" are sorted by priority and that reduces the time of use to what is strictly necessary.


Who can access

There are two kinds of users with two different levels of permissions.
Above all, there are the "admin profiles", with the possibility to view, create and modify all orders.


What it allows you to do

The user can manage the orders related to his projects according to a series of data (customer, start date, end date, amount of hours allocated).
The system organizes the data and produces a summary "print" that can be applied to a machine, and also used as a calendar of activities.


Backend access

By clicking on a link and typing login and password you can see the list of active orders, and for each, add hours worked, type of operations carried out and additional notes.
The administrator can extrapolate at any time the summary excel files of what is recorded by the collaborators, to check the progress of the order.


Frontend access

By framing a qrcode appropriately applied to the machinery in the company, employees can access (with login and password) an online worksheet to note the hours dedicated to that job.


The benefits

Each project is always under control, optimized regarding the management time and verifiable in its progress at any time. Information relating to the order is also easier to find both by those in charge of checking and by operators.

All this information, thus collected and organized by the system, can better make you understand the progress of the order, maintain its history and increase performance both by improving the use of time and resources.